I took a week’s break from blogging, but I can’t forget my short list! Welcome to 2017. A new year to try new things.
Currently cooking:
What’s my secret to delicious, macro-friendly meal preps? SkinnyTaste! Gina Homolka is a genius with an amazing website and two awesome cookbooks. I love coming up with my own recipes, but when I count my macros, it can be kind of daunting if something requires more than five ingredients. All of SkinnyTaste’s recipes come with broken down nutrition facts, are easy to follow, and so far have all been winners! If you happen to do Weight Watchers, she also does points and further breaks down her recipes into categories like paleo, vegetarian, freezer and kid friendly. SkinnyTaste’s newest cookbook, Fast and Slow, has been a winner in our household, especially with a whole chapter called Taco Night. I recommend this to all of my friends and family and have gifted bot of her books to many people!
Currently watching:
During the lull when all my favorite shows took a break, I was just finding anything to watch that would entertain me. Netflix’s The OA was decent, but *SPOILER* the ending was something I cannot forgive. It left me confused and wishing I hadn’t invested time and recommended it to friends. Then I stumbled on SyFy’s The Magicians… well really my dad did. Harry Potter meets twenty-something adults, doing twenty-something adult things, mixed with magic and some pretty bizzaro story lines. I watched it in a 72-hour window, and might be considering re-watching it…
Currently wearing:
It used to be a goal to wear booty shorts when working out. I don’t know if I just stopped caring what other people thought or actually met my goal, but now they’re my favorite thing to wear to WOD (cellulite and all). My favorite brand is Savage Barbell, probably because most of the girls at my box wear them, but also because they come in lots of fun colors, are high-quality and most importantly, make your butt look fantastic!
Currently excited about:
Our second wedding anniversary is almost here! Look out for a post about the cotton anniversary and a trip to the Big Easy in the next month. Do you have any must-visit attractions or restaurants in New Orleans?
So now it’s your turn! What are you into this month?