We have some big news! After 5 years in Birmingham (and 8 years in Alabama, we’re moving to Raleigh, North Carolina! It’s been a whirlwind since we made the decision, but each step of the way has made us feel like it’s the right decision. ⁣

This weekend we visited Raleigh and it was an anxiety-inducing marathon to find a home and a school for Evelyn. The market is incredibly competitive right now and it took several offers before we found a house to settle into for our first few years there. We were hoping to find a “forever home,” but the home we found will be perfect for what we need for our lives now.

Evelyn was a TROOPER and when it’s safe to really travel, we know she’ll be heading around the country and world with us. ⁣

Nate and I have moved cities three times together. This move will be the hardest. Birmingham is where we bought our first home. Where we brought home Evelyn. We’ve made everlasting friends. And have really come to call this growing Magic City home. But North Carolina was high up on our list of places to settle, and when an opportunity came up, we couldn’t say no. We’re so excited for our next adventure. Expect many more updates to come.