Spring may be when things bloom, but I always feel most refreshed in the fall. Something about the crisp cool air and the changing of the leaves inspires me.
I’m in a new season of my life and change is all around me. There’s been evolution and growth in the past year and a half, I’m not the same person I was the day I found out I was pregnant or the last time I came on here to write.
It took a while to get back here, but I’m ready to let my creative juices flow again! I’m excited to begin writing again and creating recipes, posts and an inside look of my life with you. I’m especially eager to share my new insights on being a mom, so other women know that they’re not alone in whatever they face. Welcome again to Living with MEE, an open door of recipes, fitness, travel and sharing thoughts and life updates.
Consider me a friend. Reach out and tell me your stories or what you want to see! I’d love to connect with you.
All my love,