Okay, okay… my 2nd air fryer recipe in a row. I can’t help it! I’m obsessed with the kitchen tool. And with how tired I’ve been lately, easy AND tasty is a pure winner in my book.
Plantains or plantanos maduros are an underrated carb in my opinion. I think people that don’t have a huge Latin influence are intimidated by the maybe fruit, probably vegetable, but carby like a potato dish. They are delicious, but can be slightly annoying to cook. First it starts with the ripeness of the plantain. It can’t be too yellow, can’t be too black or it’ll mush. And even though it makes everything taste amazing, frying anything in oil is always a mess.
But worry no more, because this will literally take you under 20 minutes to make and involves just a spritz of oil. You still need to get the ripeness just right, but that little bit of yellow under that black, but still firm, should do the trick.
My secret ingredient is cinnamon. I can’t remember where I picked that up from, as most recipes don’t call for it, but I think it adds to the flavor profile. I showed it as optional, but I highly recommend adding just a touch of the spice!
Enjoy this super easy recipe as part of your meal prep or as a sweet addition with some chicken or steak and a salad.