Ah the new year. An obligatory time to look back and reflect, make promises to yourself for this coming year.
Normally, I ignore resolutions. I decide to make goals during the year whenever I want. But this year, I just have this urge to make them. Maybe it’s knowing that there are so many things coming up that I can’t plan for (insert anxiety), or carrying another life. I don’t know for certain, but I started thinking about it as 2019 crept closer and closer.
This past year was a glass case of emotions. Ups and downs, highs and lows, even some sharp turns. But I feel like I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. What I want out of life, friendship, and love. It happened slowly and then all at once, a sense of balance and growth.
I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring and what I can achieve. From the largest to the most mundane goals, this year, I’m putting my intentions out there and setting some real and attainable goals for myself.
What goals do you have for the new year?
19 Goals for 2019:
1. Be a Mother
No adjective needed. I know I won’t be perfect and some days I may not even be good. And that’s okay, because there will always be love and we’ll try our best to make our little one know that.
2. Celebrate 30 Years of Life
June is coming up fast and with that I’ll official be an adulty adult. If you’ve followed along, I actually did a 30 Before 30 list and have done a pretty good job. Some of those are repeated here taking it to the next level even. I had planned on doing a huge 30th birthday trip (which I still plan on doing at some point), but even still, I want to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished, instead of being sad about hitting this major milestone. I mean, 30 is supposed to be a huge year of self-love and growth, right?
3. Travel: Baby and All
I may not be going abroad this year (although there’s still time!), but I have really come to understand how much I love to travel and adventure to new places. And I don’t plan on stopping! Babies can go to new places too.
4. Get Back to Pre-Baby Body
I haven’t enjoyed the changing of my body and the further I get into the third trimester, the harder time I’m having to deal with it. I’ve always been so body conscious and for the first time in 2018, I felt great about how I looked after sticking to macros, workout regimens and eventually the RP Strength diet. To go so drastically from the body I’ve always wanted to packing on the pounds is a mental marathon. Vocally I can say I know it’s for the baby, but the message doesn’t sink into me further than that. I am so excited to get back to where I was and surpass it.
5. Read a Book a Month
I used to read all the time, but life and the ease of television got in the way. But now I’m a part of a book club with a great group of girls and hope to be reading a book a month with them! First book of 2019? There, There by Tommy Orange!
6. Keep on the Path to Be Debt Free
I’d love for this to say “pay off all debt in 2019,” but we’re setting some realistic goals here!! I’ve made huge strides in 2018 after picking up some freelance work and putting every cent of it towards credit cards. Tracking my spending on a Google spreadsheet and using apps like Qapital have also helped me better plan and save. I hope to have my first card paid off during the first quarter.
7. Surround Myself with Love and Positivity
Cutting off people and things you love is incredibly hard, but this year had a lot of toxicity. As we get ready to enter a new phase of our lives, I started pulling away from all of that, making amends where I was at fault and putting a pause on things I didn’t want to be a part of. It’s not always been easy, but with all the other mental battles we’ve had this year, it feels better. I’m hoping to continue to surround myself with only the things that bring love and positivity into our little word.
8. Write More
A group of girlfriends and I were chatting one day and someone asked the question, “If you could do anything professionally right now, what would it be?” I was surprised that without hesitation I said I’d be a writer. So here’s to finding more opportunities in 2019 to stretch my wings.
9. Try Something New Every Month
From a new recipe to a new skill, I love being challenged and learning.
10. Photography I was able to take two classes at the local college this year and really improved my camera skills, even shooting a friend for a project. I’m hoping to continue learning and growing this year.
11. Find Time to Date My Husband With a baby on the way, it’s easy to forget about each other. Eventually, though, it’ll be just the two of you again, so it’s important to maintain your strong relationships. Whether it’s a night on the town, or a dinner and movie date at home, I want to actively make this a part of our routine.
12. Grow Professionally
This little birdie loves to stretch her wings.
13. Start a Podcast
I’ve actively pitched to several friends over the past couple of years. Apply within.
14. Finish Painting the House
Painting sucks. And we’ve been slow because of how much it sucks. But we only have 3 rooms and some hallways to go!
15. Meditate 2-3 Times a Week
I took a couple of online classes in the winter and noticed I felt lighter afterward. I think this could be a helpful way to naturally deal with some anxiety and stress.
16. Make Time to Connect with Friends
Everyone’s busy. But sometimes just a text conversation can go a long way in maintaining a relationship with the ones who have been supporting you.
17. Get More Involved with the Jewish Community in Birmingham
I grew up so heavily involved and I miss it so much.
18. Utilize My Time Better
Some of these tasks may be small, but they require some organization and planning. In order to accomplish them, with everything coming our way, it’s important to not waste time with things that aren’t fulfilling. Like sitting on the bed for an hour after a shower in a towel and staring at Buzzfeed articles…
19. Do More of What Makes Me Happy
All of the above and everything in between! 2019 will be full of laughter, smiles and achievement.