So you want to start meal prepping, but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re following macros, RP, WAG, Paleo or just wanting to be healthier and eat out less, meal prepping is a life changing habit that can make a big difference in your diet and your bank account. Here are some tools to get you started!
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1. Reusable Containers
You can’t meal prep without having the proper storage to do it! There’s two types of preppers in this world… Those that like separation and don’t want anything to touch and those that like it all together, so here’s two options.
2. Food Scale
Put those measuring cups aside! A scale is always going to be more accurate to make sure your getting exact amounts of your food. The OXO is a little more expensive than some other options, but I like that you can pull the digital reader out if you’re weighing something particularly bulbous.
4. Rice cooker
You ask, do you really need this? YES! YES YOU DO! And this one doesn’t just cook rice, it steams and slow cooks!
5. Dak’s Seasoning
There are a lot of salt-free seasonings out there, but I’m partial to Dak’s. Based locally in Birmingham, they have 17 flavors and counting, and the owners are super sweet.
6. Nutri Bullet
Nate uses this every morning to make himself a fruit and veggie protein shake. It’s easy to use and easy to clean for single or double servings.
7. Lunchbox!
Now that you’re prepped, you need something to carry all your freshly made prep in!
BONUS: Skinnytaste Cookbooks
I can go on and on about how wonderful Skinnytaste is and what a genius recipe creator Gina Homolka is, or you can see it for yourself in her two cookbooks or website!
What are your go-to meal prep tools? Share in the comments!