My 28th birthday came and went last month (Gemini’s unite!). I was working a lot, doing a ton of work-related travel, plus a wedding…so I didn’t get much into the birthday spirit, but I am a HUGE birthday person and love both celebrating mine and others equally. So I started this list the day of and have been adding and exchanging. I know this isn’t all attainable (unless I win the lottery… Bueller?), but this is another step into my journey that I hope you’ll follow along with…
1. Go back to Europe
Nate and I went to Italy for our honeymoon and it was one of the best experiences ever. I would love to go back.
2. Ride in a hot air balloon
3. Do another play/performance
It’s been years since I’ve been on the stage, but I used to be a huge theater nerd. I even got the Lifetime Achievement Award for my theater program in high school! It used to be my whole life and then life kind of happened. I would love to get a great role again and do a performance!
4. Win a CrossFit competition
I mean, obviously this would be on here…
5. Compete in a CrossFit competition RX
This actually means more than just competing. It means getting my muscle-ups, lifting heavier, and fine-tuning the moves that I’m not great at yet.
6. Pay off credit card debt
Slowly, but surely I’m trying to pay off all my credit card debt. So much of my paycheck goes towards this and it’s heartbreaking, but month after month it’s coming down, you know, until your couch breaks and you need a new one… I did recently start using the app Qapital and it has helped save small bits that add up! It’s super easy to use too… you choose your goals, set up rules to trigger deposits (I give myself $2 every time I workout and round up to the nearest dollar!) and see the small chunks add up.
My back up planning is winning a lottery.
7. Get a tattoo
Sorry mom. I would really love to get an elephant in memory of my Bubbe. She loved elephants (only with their trunk up!) and collected them.
8. Spend a night camping
This is like facing several fears all at once. Bugs, lack of alarm system, no showers…
9. Travel somewhere exotic
I would love to have the opportunity to go to a destination like Thailand or Bali and experience a culture that’s so far from my own.
10. Be a mom
11. Run a 5K
People think I can run because I do CrossFit. I am not a runner. Ashtma, thick thighs (read: chub rub) and a weak ankle… But I’d really like to say I’ve done it!
12. Go on a zipline
13. Have professional photos taken
14. ABS!
Sometimes you can see them. When I pose it a certain way, with a certain light, and skip breakfast.
15. See the Pacific Ocean
A visit to California is just a bonus.
16. Friend trip to wine country
Oh, this happens to be near the Pacific Ocean? Curious…
17. Have an article published nationally
18. Succeed at blogging!
19. Jump from a high place
Sky-diving, bungee jumping, cliff diving… Slightly terrified, very intrigued.
20. Go white water rafting
21. Take some makeup lessons
I have a couple of friends that do magical things with makeup. I’m looking at you guys….
22. Take cooking classes
23. Read more again
I have already started this this summer! I used to go through books so fast, my parents couldn’t keep up. Now, I’d just like to read six new books a year. Totally feasible..
24. Go on an animal encounter tour at the zoo
25. Take a photography class
I have a beautiful new Canon Rebel that I got for my birthday and I’d love to learn more about how to use it.
26. Start a podcast
27. Find how to cope with anxiety better
28. Learn to really love myself
They say this comes with age. Is 30 that age?
29. Have a HUGE 30th birthday extravaganza!
30. Update this list for a 40 before 40!
Unless everything changes, I know I won’t be able to get through a lot of things on this list (not a pessimist, just a realist), but that gives me more room to add and more years to get it done!
So follow along as I try and knock some of these out in the next two years! Do you have a goals list? What’s on yours?