Welcome to my first ever holiday gift guide! I promise not to rattle on endlessly about why you have to have a certain product or you will spontaneously combust. So with that being said, and in honor of Hanukkah, I present you with a list of eight items for the person you’re shopping for in your life that are themes currently close to my life.

New Mom

Life as a new mom is rewarding, but also chaotic, exhausting and stressful. Mama deserves some good gifts this year!
One of the most special gifts I’ve received is a dainty bracelet with an ‘E’ for Evelyn. It’s a gift that means a lot to the new mama, while also treating her to something nice.
Clothe the baby, make the mom laugh. It’s a win-win.
Cluster feeding and long hours stuck in a chair. Make it easier with some cordless headphones that pairs with their phone or tablet.
I was not a coffee drinker until the day I became a mother. So I needed a coffee maker that made obnoxious coffee like cappuccinos and lattes.
5. A sassy Posh Candle:
I hear you. A candle? But with scents like, ‘Gray Sweat Pants,’ ‘More Coffee Please,’ and ‘When in Doubt, Relax,’ every mom can enjoy the humor while masking the smell of diaper.
6. Shipt Grocery Delivery Service:
I love grocery shopping, but some weeks I’d much have rather used that time for sleeping.
7. Facetory Sheet Mask Subscription:
For that rare 10 minutes you have to take care of your face since makeup is questionable at best.
8. Sweat and Milk (Use code MEELKIN15) and Born Primitive nursing bras:
A good nursing bra! Why a gift? Because you need several and they are expensive. I cannot stress the importance of this enough!! Sweat and Milk (Use code MEELKIN15) isn’t just a nursing sports bra… it has hands free pumping slits built into it! Born Primitive recently launched their line of sports bras that are super cute. Um hello…
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