Welcome to my first ever holiday gift guide! I promise not to rattle on endlessly about why you have to have a certain product or you will spontaneously combust. So with that being said, and in honor of Hanukkah, I present you with a list of eight items for the person you’re shopping for in your life that are themes currently close to my life.
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New Dad

Modern dads take a huge bulk of responsibilities too and shouldn’t be left in the dark on a little treat-yo-self. Give him some gifts to relax or make him shed a tear.
This is a no brainer and will make any dada excited to read to their littles.
Our grill has never looked so clean!
Speaking of grills, get dad a new grill set. I know, it sounds so stereotypical. But we love it and it grilling helps with the cooking.
Relive your childhood while your child sleeps. Bonus is that you can play it with them when they’re older.
Everyone needs socks. Might as well make it fun.
8. A good shirt that doesn’t wrinkle

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