Welcome to our first ever short list! A brief deep dive into what I’m doing, when I’m not doing this, and want to share. In return, I’m hoping you’ll share some things with me, and maybe they’ll appear here next month! 
Currently listening to: 
I’ve been obsessed with The Popcast ever since one of my friends recommended it. Self-described as a weekly pop culture podcast that educates on things that entertain, but do not matter. It is a delightful break from hard news and my usual NPR fodder. Jamie and Knox are hilarious and characters onto themselves. I also have a not-so-secret dream that Jamie and I (who both live in Birmingham) are meant to be best friends forever. A word to the wise, make sure not to listen to the urban dictionary episodes in the car, because you may laugh so hard you have to pull over. 
Currently eating: 
COOKIES! One of the things I’ve figured out since starting macro counting is I really REALLY have a sweet tooth, but I really hated choking down carb-less protein shakes to account for the sweets. I tried a few different products, but the home run came when I found Buff Bake on Instagram and decided to give them a whirl… Their cookie tastes like a real cookie. I could eat their white chocolate peanut butter cookie on the daily. And the macros aren’t too bad either coming in at 180kcal, 8P/17C/10F for a half. It kicks that sweet tooth in the butt. 
Currently watching: 
One of my favorite things about being a cord-cutter (one who does not have cable), is that I’m more selective in what I watch and can go back and watch shows I might have missed (read: binge watch). I can’t wait to watch The Tudors every chance I get. Growing up, I was obsessed with that time period, and while there are many MANY historical inaccuracies, hello Johnathan Rhys Myers! The acting and script is phenomenal, although I don’t know how I’ll get past the loss of Natalie Dormer for a second time this year. 
Currently excited about: 
THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. My family gets to come visit, we get to eat the best, most carb-a-licious food (because no one should count macros on Thanksgiving) and it just has such a great vibe. It’s one of the holidays I still wake up that morning and feel the holiday spirit, like when I was a kid. 
So now it’s your turn! What are you into this month?