Sometimes a food is so magical that it deserves to be celebrated twice a year. Waffle Day has two days dedicated to it! Every March 25 and August 24 we celebrate the syrup batter pockets we’ve come to know and love as waffle. And if you celebrate every #WaffleWednesday… that’s a LOT of waffles!
I’m more of a pancake girl myself, but I bought a waffle maker this year and love busting it out for some fun recipes. Admittedly, most of those waffle creations have not been actual waffles (go ahead and put some Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns in there and tell me it’s not even better than the original idea), but when I feel like using fun toppings, they just hold up better than a pancake.
For this year’s wonderful waffle day, I decided to use a seasonal fruit that I’ve become obsessed with. The peaches have been SO GOOD this year guys!! I’m going to be really sad to see them leave the local farmer’s markets in just a few week and they just don’t taste as sweet from the grocery stores.
I, of course, used Kodiak Cakes to make the waffles. I have to get my morning protein! I added a little extra egg white and almond milk to the batter to add even more protein. I also dropped in some blueberries. I love the flavor of the blueberries and peaches together, but you could easily opt out of them if you wanted to eat it plain. Another great time-saving option would be to use Kodiak Cake’s new frozen waffles! I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine the chocolate waffle would taste amazing with the peach syrup.
Whether you’re making the waffle from scratch or re-heating, this recipe takes fairly no time to make, and I was able to whip it up getting ready for work in the morning. Which, trust me, is a feat in and of itself due to massive morning ADD!
Are you celebrating Waffle Day? What’s your favorite way to top off a waffle?