Today our puppy-son, Bruno, turns four.
Growing up, I was always taught that pets are members of the family. A dog isn’t just a dog, and a cat isn’t just a cat. They’re sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. And living with four cats, a dog, birds, a gerbil and a hamster, I had a lot of furry relatives. When we adopted Bruno, he was more than just a fur-child. He was one of the greatest life lessons.
We thought it would take a long time to find a rescue. Nate and I both have allergies, and so the dog needed to be hypoallergenic. We wanted a smaller dog, but not a toy breed and preferably a boy. We had a lot of specifications for a couple looking to rescue instead of going a breeder or pet store route. It actually took all of two weeks. Petfinder was the only tool we used and it put us in connection with a branch of the Schnauzer Rescue Group of Cincinnati in Enterprise, Ala. A schnauzer-poodle mix (schnoodle) were both common non-shedding breeds and when we saw a black, smiling Bruno on a pool float, we were in love. When the foster mom inspected our house and made the drop-off, he didn’t even look for her when she left. It’s like he knew he was home. Bruno taught us about unconditional love and in return, Bruno made Nate and I into a real family.
Bruno’s not always perfect. He gets too excited when he sees another dog, and sometimes snaps when he’s on a leash. Bruno loves napkins and paper towels, and will pick them up every chance he gets. He hates being left at home alone and will make you feel like the worst person for leaving him. But he twirls when he’s getting food and stamps his feet when he’s excited. He loves cuddling up at night and is always up for a nap, a long hike or a car ride. And he’s always so excited to see you and ready to love you.
Happy Birthday Bruno!