I’ve had a lavender plant growing in my yard for the past two years, but it never bloomed. I figured it was just kind of hanging on by a thread. But then BOOM! All of the sudden it sprouted and I knew I wanted to make something with the flowers.
I think every summer someone says, this feels like the hottest summer. It’s usually not, but it still feels pretty hot out there! So when it came time to use the flowers in a recipe, I was thinking of something refreshing and delicious, and low in calories (since I was watching my carb intake). I happened to have a ton of mint growing in my yard too, and I knew that mint and lavender complimented each other well.
Of course my first lemon I squeezed, I completely broke my citrus squeezer. I guess I didn’t know my own strength… (Okay, it was from the dollar tree. I’m ordering a new one from Amazon.) But thankfully Nate acted as my citrus squeezer for the remainder of the lemons by rolling them aggressively, cut the top and SQUEEZING THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEM.
The first time I made the recipe I did add some honey to it. I didn’t feel like it added anything, except extra carbs, and like I said, I was watching that, so the next time I made it, I upped my Stevia a packet and it tasted just as delicious!
The drink can be garnished with any leftover mint or lavender, which makes it look just beautiful. And, I was assured, not too terribly girly. Although all garnish was quickly removed upon tasting.
Probably the best part is how quick it was to throw together. The hardest thing to do was wait overnight for it to marinate!